Monday, 13 February 2012

Shopping in Bangkok

If your ever in the Far East and looking for somewhere to stopover for a few days to spend abit of money on yourself, or others if you’re feeling nice... Bangkok is great!

There are tons of shops and lots of shopping to be done in Bangkok. Anything from clothes to watches and handbags can be found for the collectors out there. These can be purchased in various parts of the city.

There's a bargain to be had everywhere depending on what it is that you want and how much luggage allowance you have left! A trip to the Grand Palace and the surrounding areas is fantastic and getting around here is easy on foot or by tuk tuk, which you can rent by the hour for next to nothing.

One place that is well worth a visit is MBK, which is a fantastic shopping centre for the bargain hunters! It’s full of floors and floors of merchandise from upmarket designer outlets to market-style stalls. It’s situated at the end of the skytrain line and the port for the river taxi is at the other end.

On arrival stallholders immediately begin negotiating and need no encouragement to do so. Never settle for the initial price...bartering is expected and I would always go in with at least half the marked price as my first offer (sometimes even lower if you feeling lucky!)
So whether you a first time buyer or a seasoned shopper, Bangkok is definitely a top place for shopping!

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