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Latest Special offers from Escape Worldwide

Hi fellow travellers, the following is a like to our latest special offers: We have a great offer to the stunning Maldives . I was there last year and it is a truly amazing place with powered white sand and crystal clear waters…..paradise! We also have a good deal on a Kenya safari…. I have been to Kenya before and it is a brilliant place for a safari….. Have just got back from a safari in Tanzania and also a short stay in Zanzibar so watch this space for my blogs! Happy travelling! Darren

More great holiday offers

Hi all, We have some great holiday offers to Pattaya in Thailand, Cairo in Egypt and a great tour of Vietnam this week. Check them out: I was fortunate enough to go to Vietnam last year and it is a truly amazing place. The people are so open and friendly, which is surprising considering their checkered history. The food is great and there is so much to see and do. I loved Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), it's a mad place with motorcycles all over the place and it is a true challenge just to cross the road! Cairo is another great place and when I came up to the Pyramids at Giza was pleasantly surprise to see that they didn't disappoint ! Happy travelling! Darren

Pattaya Day and Night

Mark discovered how Thailand’s party resort, Pattaya, is full of excitement and interest, day and night. “Pattaya is one few parts of Thailand I hadn’t previously visited, so on a recent trip to Bangkok and Phuket I decide to make the short journey across from the capital to see what all the fuss is about! My whole trip to Thailand was only for four nights, so I extended by 24 hours just to get a feel for the place. Pattaya’s a fairly large place – you’ll often see it described as a city on the beach – and unlike some of Thailand’s other beach resorts such as Phuket or Koh Samui that have their resort areas spread out, Pattaya is all in one location, giving it the feel of a bustling, lively, exciting location. If you want to chill out and relax on holiday, this place may not be for you, but if you want fun-filled days with water sports, shopping and excursions, and exciting evenings of tasty Thai cuisine and lively nightlife, Pattaya is perfect! I stayed just to the north of Pattay

Latest Special offers from Escape Worldwide

Hi fellow travellers! Check out our latest special offers: This week we have a great tour of China from only £989 per person. The tour is a great introduction to this amazing country and is exceptional value as it includes all your meals, tours and even your visa! (if you're a UK passport holder that is!) Alternatively why not Zanzibar! This is a simply stunning island with amazing beaches and top quality hotels! Whilst you're there you should pay a visit to fascinating Stone Town! In fact I love the place and am going back again in a couple of weeks! Why not check out some of the great holidays we offer at: Happy travelling! Darren

Wildlife from the Great Rift Valley

We’ve just received a wildlife for the last few weeks from Loldia House, an old farmhouse converted and run by Governors Camps, most famous for their wonderful Masai Mara properties. Loldia House is located in the Great Rift Valley, so is ideal for exploring this fascinating part of Kenya. LAKE NAIVASHA July and early August brought dry weather and a chilly start to the day with early morning temperatures of as low as 17 degrees centigrade but by mid day temperatures had warmed to between 28 and 30 degrees centigrade with a mild north easterly wind blowing in the afternoons. With no rain falling since June the grasslands on the ranch are drying out and the lake level has been ping forcing the Hippos to move into the deep waters of Lake Naivasha. There has been lots of animal traffic around the shores of the lake with big herds of waterbuck, eland, zebra and buffalo all grazing along the shoreline. Birdlife has also been good with nice numbers of white/pink pelicans, terns, spoonbills