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Karen's trip to South Africa in 2013

Karen looks back to 2013 at her favourite trip: “My favourite trip of last year was to South Africa - I'm the only person in the office who hadn't been before and I've heard such great things about it - and I wasn't disappointed! The South African Tourism Board invited me to go, and we took in two main areas - Cape Town & the Cape Peninsula area, and Durban along with nearby safari parks. Cape Town is such a fantastic city, and in such a dramatic setting - the first time you see Table Mountain it really takes your breath away! I'd been told that the weather at the top of Table Mountain can change quickly and you can't go up if the weather is bad, so we headed straight for the cable car as soon as we arrived, as it was sunny! The views are just incredible, across the city and the Atlantic Seaboard, plus along the Cape Peninsula too. I really liked the  V&A Waterfront  area of Cape Town - it has a lovely feel and some great shopping, plus you catch boats