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Great Holiday Offers - Thailand | Safari | India and many more!

Hi All, Some great offers and holidays ideas for you this week: I was in Thailand the week before last and spent time in Phuket and Khao Lak  and had a great time. Technically it's rainy season there, but in 11 nights we have 3 showers, two of those were in the evening so didn't effect our sunbathing...sorry I mean work! I stayed at the Kata Thani Hotel  in Phuket which was fantastic, on an amazing beach with a choice of swimming pools, bars and restaurants. The hotel is on Kata Noi beach with a couple of shops and restaurants just outside the hotel, and the resort of Kata is only about a 10 minute walk, though it is up hill! Patong is the main resort in Phuket and well worth a night out, it's made, tons of bars, night markets, restaurants, shops, the place doesn't stop, though I was surprised how lovely the beach was for such a busy area! Khao Lak   was my next stop, about 3 hour drive away, stun