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Why choose Stellenbosch?

Stellenbosch is the only winelands town that has a University, and with the infusion of young student energy this ‘College’ atmosphere permeates throughout the town. This is visible in the many bistros, art galleries, Music venues, Theatres and Wine bars that make up the vibrant heart of the Old town. It is a unique place where international guests are able to experience the diverse culture and meet the many people from all aspects of society that make Africa the ‘Rainbow nation’. The wine Stellenbosch   is home to some of the   oldest and most famous wine estates in South Africa, in fact Stellenbosch is where South African wine making began! It’s home to the widest range of estates, with 148 wineries in total where they produce some of the world’s best wines. Kanonkop and Rust and Vrede among others are repeatedly recognized for their wines worldwide. The best way to visit the vineyards is on a tour where you can sample the wines along the way! The arts Stellenbosch has

Quick Guide to the National Parks of Kenya from our friends at Somak Holidays

Masai Mara National Park The most popular safari destination in Kenya , the reserve is home to countless species including the ‘big five’ and stages the Great Wildebeest Migration. Aberdare National Park This park is home to part of the Aberdare mountain range, an area of natural beauty. It is full of rich vegetation, clear streams, waterfalls and lakes, along with unique fauna and flora, creating an ideal habitat for a wide variety of mammals and birds. Elephants and rhinos, roam the park and other residents include leopards, spotted hyenas and bongos. Samburu National Reserve & Buffalo Springs Samburu National Reserve and Buffalo springs started life as one park but are now adjacent to each other. The Ewaso Nyiro River runs through both reserves and in parts acts as border between them. Samburu is not as well known as some of the other national parts in Kenya and therefore is less crowded. The dramatic and rugged landscape is home to the colourful Samburu pe