Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tuk Tuk Tour of Bangkok in Thailand

Karen and Christine was in Thailand in 2015 and whilst in Bangkok they went on a tour with a bit of a difference:

On my recent visit to Thailand with Karen we sampled the Tuk Tuk Experience excursion in Bangkok. This was a really fun way of travelling around and as our guide was in the Tuk Tuk with us she pointed out different places of interest that we could go back to at a later date if we wanted to.
After meeting at the hotel and introducing ourselves to other people doing the excursion as well we headed off to our first destination, Wat Saket (the Golden Mount). You ascend up the outside of this and upon reaching the top the views over Bangkok are amazing. Your guide will inform you of what you are looking out at and also all the history. You then descend and get back in your Tuk Tuk to your next destination.

The next place we stopped was Wat Po. Here you will be able to see the reclining Buddha. Your guide will tell you all the history of this temple like this is the first University in Bangkok and is where the Monks taught people how to massage correctly.

We then climbed aboard our Tuk Tuks again and headed for the flower market. Here the flowers and aromas are something to be experienced.
Our next stop was the Phahurat Market, in the heart of Little India. Here you can pick up some bargains.

Our last stop was the Phra Sumereu Fortress where your guide will give you the local history and point out places of interest on the river before leaving you. Your Tuk Tuk driver will take you either back to your pick up or drop you locally.

This was a really good way to experience Bangkok and a Tuk Tuk is the only way to travel.   

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