Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Why can't I get a kids price for my holiday?

We get asked this abit and it can be a bit annoying when you have to pay a full adult price for a package holiday for your child. However there tends to be a reason!

If you are looking at a packaged holidays flying with a scheduled airline like British Airways or Thai Airways for say 2 adults and a child and the child is aged 11 and under then you tend to find that the airline will offer a child discount. Most hotels and resorts charge per room and not per person and will let a child share the same room as the adults, for free. So when the package is put together you will get 2 adult prices and 1 child price.

However if say only 1 adult and 1 child is travelling then the airlines should still offer a child reduction, but the cost of the room would still be divided by 2 so in this instance the child price will be higher than 2 adult and 1 child sharing.

If you holiday is based on a charter flight, say something like Thomas Cook or Thomson airlines then they tend to offer child prices to 12 years old and under when sharing with 2 adults, pretty much the same as above. However when it comes to just 1 adult and 1 child then they tend to charge 2 adult prices for the holiday package. This is because the flight price is always pretty much the same for adults and children, it's that the child price is largely derived from the saving on the accommodation when sharing with 2 full paying people.

Though as will everything in life there are exceptions to the above rules, like Virgin Airlines for instance will offer a child discount on some flights upto 18. Also some tour operators who put the packages together will negotiate specials family packages with the airlines and hotels to get you the best price.

The upshot is, if you go to a Travel Agent they will have access to all this information and should be able to get you the best possible package price for your family holiday.

Oh and always check that the holiday you are about to book is fully financial protected, it's you hard earned money after all!

Happy holidays!

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