Wednesday, 21 December 2011

In need of a New Year’s Getaway?

As happy a time Christmas is, by January, there’s not better feeling than putting your feet up and taking a deep breath of relief knowing that you’ve got 300 odd days until the next round of festive cheer.

But seeing as you’ve been buying gifts and treating others around you, why not reward yourself with a New Year’s getaway? Abandon the cold weather, rainy days (and maybe even snow) and fly of to somewhere with abit of winter sun.

There’s many places worth going on late deals in January - Luxor would be my personal choice offering great value for money aswell as the nice weather! Other destinations I would suggest include Cairo for a slightly busier sightseeing trip.

Going away in the New Year may initially seem expensive, but you can actually find some great deals - Stay for 7 nights in Luxor 3* from just £309! Or see the amazing Pyramids in Cairo 4* for 4 nights from £599

Dubai or Abu Dhabi for either a beach or city break are also great options - Stay for 5 nights in Dubai 3* from £649, or for a longer break - stay in Abu Dhabi for 7 nights 3* from £849. You could head even further away to the Far East to somewhere like Cha Am in Thailand. Staying for 7 nights 4* from £829.

So what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Can I fly direct to Bangkok from Manchester?

Unfortunately not, there aren’t any direct flights to Bangkok from Manchester. Direct services to Bangkok are only from Heathrow with Thai Airways, British Airways, Qantas and Eva Air.

There are a few easy indirect options for example with Emirates, which is a world class airline and would fly direct from Manchester to Dubai and then you would change aircraft for an onward direct flight to Bangkok. You can even fly on the new double decker A380 aircraft on the Manchester / Dubai leg, which I loved when I flew on the A380.

You can do a similar thing with the likes of Etihad Airways, which would go via Abu Dhabi and Qatar Airways which would go via Doha. There are also options with Air France or KLM going via Paris or Amsterdam.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

What’s the price of beer in Vietnam?

Mark's currently sitting in a bar in Vietnam, so it seems like there's no better time to ask him about the beverages he's been 'testing out' there...

The cost of beer in Vietnam depends on what you drink and where you drink it, but overall the simple answer is - beer is very cheap in Vietnam!

Hotels are obviously the most expensive place to drink beer in Vietnam, but even here things do vary dramatically. Business-orientated hotels in the main centres are the most expensive, with a bottle of Heineken or similar at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Saigon being 110,000 Dong (£3.65), although in their rooftop Bar add an extra £1 (worth it for the view!)

At the other end of things, you can easily get a beer at 12,000 Dong - a mere 40p! In many local bars (and for local read tourist bars, but outside of the larger hotels), a bottle of local beer such as Saigon or Larue will cost 12,000 to 15,000 (40p - 50p), or up to a whopping 30,000 Dong (£1) in a pricier venue. That’s for a 450 ml bottle of very pleasant beer indeed! resort towns such as Phan Thiet and Nha Trang have many bars offering beer at this kind of price.

Keep an eye out for local brews across the country. 333 (pronounced "bar bar bar") and Saigon Beer are available in most areas, but some regions have their own bets - Historic Hue, the former capital of Vietnam, is our favourite area for trying local beers, with e likes of Huda, Festival and Hue Beer being around 20,000 Dong, or around 65p.

The cheapest beer we’ve come across in Vietnam is in the wonderfully charming town of Hoi An in Central Vietnam, where local brews are sold by the glass at just 4,000 Dong a go - that’s just 14p. Suddenly 40p seems quite pricey!

Prices correct as of December 2011 and to the extent we can remember with that amount of extensive research :-)

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

48 hours in . . . Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the Far East’s most exciting cities, but with loads to see and do it’s important to plan your trip to make the most of your time here.

Start your visit to Kuala Lumpur by boarding the frequent hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus that takes in all of the city’s main attractions. There are stops on Bukit Bintang if you’re staying in this part of the city, and throughout the Golden Triangle and KLCC areas too. Head to the older parts of KL to start with - get off at stop 8 in the Chinatown district, and walk through to stop 9 at Central Market.

Stroll through colourful Chinatown before arriving at Central Market, which has been refurbished from a traditional market to a centre for traditional handicrafts. Hop back on the bus and continue past the National Palace, through the Lake Garden and on to the National Mosque.

Grab a bite to eat at the KL Tower before taking the lift to the top, for spectacular views across the city. Although a little shorter than the Petronas Towers, the KL Tower is raised on a hill so is one of the few places to get views of the Petronas Towers without craning your neck! Then head down to Bukit Bintang, taking in some of the city’s best shopping and stopping for a coffee or a beer in one of the trendy cafes in the area.

Jump on the monorail and catch a train to Maharajalela station - from here it’s a few minutes walk to Petaling Street and its famous night market. The bargains here are excellent, if your bartering skills are up to it!

Head to the Petronas Towers, where you’ll need to be in good time to collect tickets for the Skybridge viewing platform later in the day - the days tickets tend to get snapped up early! Then take a bus or a taxi out of town to the unique Batu Caves, located about 10 miles north of the city centre. A Hindu shrine in the main ‘temple’ cave is reached via 272 steps, and the spectacular caves are visited by around a million pilgrims each year.

On the way back to the city return to the Petronas Towers and take the speedy elevator to the Skybridge, which links to the towers at floors 41 and 42 - making it the highest 2-storey bridge in the world! Head back to your hotel for a dip in the pool or to relax before heading out for the evening.

Start your final night with drinks at the Skybar, located on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel with great views across the city and a great vibe - there’s even a swimming pool! Then head down to Jalan Alor, where Malaysian and Chinese street food is at it’s best - a perfect way to finish off 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur!

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Why can't I seem to find many 'All Inclusive' hotels in Thailand?

There are one or two All Inclusive hotels in Thailand, but to be honest the food and drink is so cheap out there you wouldn't want to be staying in your hotel!

Last time I was out there I visited three of the beach resorts - Phuket, Krabi and Phi Phi - and I think the most I paid for a meal was £25 and that was the most amazing lobster I've ever had in Phuket. Even the more remote beach hotels have a couple of beach restaurants close by, and if you are in one of the more touristy areas, such as Ao Nang in Krabi, you will be spoilt for choice. You will be able to get a really good meal for about £5 or £6, or just some chicken satay for £1 or so.

The bottles of beer are enormous! Singha, Tiger and Chang beer are all very common, as are Happy Hours, so make the most of them! Happy Hour quite often runs from 4 in the afternoon until about 9 in the evening, and the offers tend to be 2 or 1. Given the full price is about £2 for a large bottle, you might not need to be there after 9pm, the beer is quite strong!!


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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I want to go on safari in Kenya, but don’t want to keep moving around?

I did a safari in Kenya last year and what I did was to fly from Nairobi straight into the Masai Mara by light aircraft, I then spent 3 nights at a camp before flying back to Nairobi. I found this worked really well as the light aircraft was a FAB way of seeing the Masai Mara from the air and it only took about an hour and a half to get from Nairobi, Also it landed close to the camp so didn’t have to go too far to get to the camp, though on saying that the drive to the camp was amazing, littered with giraffe and zebra.

Whilst at the camp I did a couple of game drives a day, which I have to say were simply amazing. I saw the big five plus tons of other animals. I was pretty amazed when we came across a herd of elephant; I counted 20 with a couple of babies, which were so sweet. There is some much to see on the Masai Mara and the local driver/guide, David, was simply fantastic and it was really interesting hearing how he grew up on the Masai Mara.

OK you don’t get to see the full diversity that Kenya has to offer by flying just in the Masai Mara, but it was a great way to experience some of the most amazing wildlife I have ever seen.
The only thing that was a little disappointing was that my luggage allowance was restricted to 15kg because of the light aircraft, it wasn’t be biggest problem, but it would have nice to have had a bit more.

The landing strips are right in the middle of the Mara, so sometimes you need to clear the runway of Zebra and Wildebeast, all a bit off, but great fun!


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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Can I hire a car in Cuba?

Yes, hiring a car in Cuba is an excellent way of seeing the more remote parts of Cuba. Though don’t expect the big plays like Dollar Rent A Car or Hertz. Car hire companies tend to be local Cuban companies so expect some paperwork! Pre-booking before arriving in Cuba is pretty much a must with most companies in the UK only booking the car hire as part of a complete holiday package.

A few points worth remembering when hiring a car...

Roads are pretty good in most of the country, but as the East is less developed some of the roads in this area can be a bit bumpy. It is more likely you’ll get stuck behind a donkey rather than another car, so progress can be slow occasionally! I found the traffic in Havana reasonably busy but once you’ve made it to the main ring road out of the city things came down a bit! Petrol stations aren’t as common as in the UK, so fill up when you see one!

Cars in Cuba tend to be modern and various sizes and types available ranging from small compacts to people carriers. Unfortunately you won’t easily be able to rent a big old American beast as these tend to be privately owned and also pretty much on their last legs, not sure they’d get you to your destination to be honest! You can however book an hour or two in one of these style of cars in places like Havana, though don’t necessarily expect a seat belt!

As with hiring a car in most countries you will need to arrange insurance and pay a deposit locally. There may also be a drop off fee if you are picking the car up in one part of the island and dropping it back in another. Also standard stuff applies like needing an international driving licence.

Hiring a car in Cuba, as opposed to fixed transfers for instance opens Cuba up and one of my favourite holidays would be starting with a few nights in Havana, pick up the car and visit Pinar del Rio in the West and the area around Trinidad in Central Cuba, finishing with a few nights on the beach in Varadero. You’ll see the highlights but won’t spend all your time in the car! Also there’s loads to see along the way and with a car you can stop when you like. Oh, I personally wouldn’t drive at night, especially log distance, as there aren’t many street lights!

Hiring a car is a FAB way to see Cuba, enjoy!

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Where is the best place to see Orang-utans?

Having just returned from an amazing time in Borneo, I found that that there were so many individual experiences you could choose from. But one particular question that is often asked by potential visitors is where is the best place to see Orang-utans?

I actually got to see the Orang-utans twice whilst in Borneo. The first being in the more commonly known Sepilok. The Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre was a moving experience. After chatting to some of the Rangers within the centre, I was warned not to be disappointed if I didn’t see any as this would actually be a good thing. The Orang-utans are trained in order to return back into the Jungle, but are still fed by the Rangers if they are not quite ready to fend for themselves. This process can take years.

So waiting on the viewing platform, I was standing wondering would I actually see an Orang-utan in the flesh... and as feeding time came, they appeared. I had mixed reactions at this point - Firstly, it was amazing to be so close to the most ‘human like’ animal on the planet. But at the same time it reminded me of the importance of centres like this and the amount of work that still needs to be done.

My second experience of seeing Orang-utans was actually at the hotel I was staying at in Kota Kinabalu - The Rasa Ria. A popular feature of the Rasa Ria is the Orangutan Sanctuary set within the resort. Guests can see Orangutans at feeding times which is a great opportunity to get up close without even leaving your hotel! The ranger even brought over one of the newest additions to the sanctuary - Baby Ten Ten who is one of the many Orangutans who was being kept as a pet but was saved and is now being rehabilitated to go back into the wild. Many will even go onto Sepilok as the next stage of their rehabilitation.

The Rasa Ria is an absolutely stunning property and great for occasions such as honeymoons, but this reason alone is enough for me to want to go back and stay there!

So I’d say go to Borneo, and to see Orang-utans, visit either Sepilok or the Shangri-La Rasa Ria in Kota Kinabalu. Sepilok would add more of a cost to your holiday but there are so many other thing to do whilst there such as seeing the Turtles and getting a taste of life in the local villages... stay for a few nights and do as much as possible! But for a more relaxed and cheaper experience, I would suggest staying at the Rasa Ria... or even do both!

Either way, it would be an unforgettable experience and a simply amazing holiday!

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Latest special offers and holiday ideas

Hi All, 
We have some great special offers at the moment, so check out our latest newsletter at:

This week we have some great deals to Thailand, Sri Lanka and a Hong Kong / Dubai

BANGKOK, PHUKET & KRABI   - From Only £1099 per person 
Longtail boat at Krabi, Thailand
Fantastic savings to Thailand - save up to £300 per person on this superb triple-centre holiday combining three of our favourite parts of the Country, taking in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi staying in quality hotels throughout. 

Check out the details: 

ALL INCLUSIVE TOUR  - From Only £1225 per person 

Climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress - not for the faint-hearted!
A superb 5-night tour of Sri Lanka followed by 5 nights on beautiful Bentota Beach, with a full sightseeing programme and all meals & drinks included - saving up to £160 per person makes this one of the best deals around. 

Check out the details: 

HONG KONG & DUBAI  - From Only £1189 per person   
Hong Kong skyline from Kowloon
Combine vibrant Hong Kong with the beaches of Dubai, saving up to £160 per person too! Spend 4 nights at the 4* Harbour Plaza Hong North Point in Hong Kong and 5nights at the 5* Amwaj Rotana in Dubai. 

Check out the details:

We have some great holidays ideas to many long haul destinations. Checkout our website at for plenty of holiday ideas! 

Happy travelling!

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hotel Inspections - it's really hard work!

Visiting hotels in exotic locations may sound like a dream job, but it can be really hard work – honestly! Natalie visited the Cuban beach resort of Varadero as part of a longer trip to the Caribbean’s largest island, and certainly didn’t get time to chill on the beach!

“We were spending two nights in Varadero as part of a week-long trip to Cuba, that had already taken in Havana, Pinar Del Rio and Trinidad – we’d already clocked up quite a few miles and had visited plenty of hotels. Varadero is Cuba’s largest resort so there were various hotels here I was keen to see – I was hoping two days would be enough, but it soon became clear that it wouldn’t!

The hotels we’d seen in the other parts of Cuba were generally small places, quite often historic buildings, which meant that they were quite easy to visit – some had only around 15 rooms, with a restaurant and bar, and the odd one also had a pool. Cuba’s historic hotels are generally beautiful and full of character, but they don’t tend to have dozens of room types and lots of facilities! Varadero’s hotels, on the other hand, are far larger resort-style properties, with plenty of restaurants, numerous bars and plenty of space – it was going to take far longer to see each one properly than it had elsewhere on the Island!

We started at the Paradisus Varadero, a beautiful hotel set in huge grounds – which instantly meant that it was going to take quite a while to see everything the hotel offers! The setting of this hotel is stunning, and the beach here is glorious, but when it’s 33 degrees and you’re dressed more for the office than for the beach, it’s a long, hot walk to make sure the beach is as glorious close up and it looks from a distance.

Next stop – Sandals Royal Hicacos. As with all Sandals hotels, this property has a good selection of room types, and it’s important for me to see them all, so I know what the differences are between each type. As the resort was fairly full during our visit, each of the different room categories that was available for us to see seemed to be at the opposite end of the hotel from one another! Sometimes it seems that hotel visits are also a great way of keeping fit!

Over the course of our two days in Varadero we did just about squeeze in all of the hotels we wanted to see, but only with some early starts and late finishes – and even when an unexpected tropical downpour happened, we didn’t have time to sit it out and carried on regardless – although I didn’t get to see the beach at the Paradisus Princessa Del Mar because of it!

When I got back home a friend asked me how my holiday to Cuba had been. ‘I wouldn’t know’ I replied – ‘I’ve definitely been to Cuba, but I really haven’t been on holiday’!”

For holidays to Varadero visit
View our Cuba beaches photo gallery:

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Thailand Food.....we love it!

Thailand’s food is one of the highlights of any visit here, and after many years of travelling to the Country, the staff at Escape Worldwide have their own view of it!

Karen used to be the biggest wimp in the office when it came to spicy food, but over the years she’s developed a real taste for Thai food. “I tend to stick to dishes that I know I like, so I don’t get any unexpected surprises. Everything is so fresh, and the seafood in particular tends to be superb – and so well priced, compared to the UK. In fact, I tend to go a bit overboard in Thailand as the food is really good value – crab cakes or spring rolls as a starter for £ 1, a main dish of a Thai curry for maybe £ 1.50, all washed down with copious quantities of Singha or Chang beer – and you still won’t have hit a fiver!”

Natalie remembers one meal in particular. “I think the hottest meal I’ve ever had was in Bangkok, when I thought I’d try a Thai Green Curry. The restaurant our hotel, the Dusit Thani, suggested was a traditional place a few minutes walk away (there are so many restaurants in this area of Bangkok it’s hard to know where to start!) so I guess the food is fairly authentic – perhaps I should have asked for a less hot version! It got to the point where I couldn’t feel my mouth, but even then the flavours of the food were still there. Even a large bottle of Singha Beer didn’t help much!”

Darren had developed a straightforward theory to Thai food. “If it comes with coconut milk, it’s likely that it’s going to be spicy, as the coconut milk is often used for cooling things down. Therefore, ask for a less spicy version. If it has red bits floating in the coconut milk, you haven’t really got a hope! My standard dish if I’m not sure of what to go for is Phad Thai, or fried noodles – always tasty, always available and always cheap, you really can’t go too far wrong!”

Mark’s been visiting Thailand since 1991, so has tried many local dishes from the regions over the years. “The oddest thing I think I’ve tried was in the Isaan region of Northeastern Thailand, which has its own different style of food. In Nakhon Ratchasima, one of the larger towns in the area, I tried a type of local sausage, which I can only describe as ‘different’ – I still have no idea what was in it! I did a Thai cookery course in Chiang Mai on one visit, so I learnt about the local spices and vegetables – this is something I’d really recommend, and some schools will also tell you what replacement ingredients you can use if you can’t obtain the authentic stuff when you get back home.”

For holidays to Thailandvisit

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

What's been going on...48hrs in Hong Kong and more

Hi All,

Sorry for next updating the blog recently, all been a bit busy with being away and also welcoming James to our team! So what have you missed?! The following are a couple of our last newsletters that you might of missed:

48 hours in Hong Kong

We focussed on one of our favourite cities in the Far East, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a diverse fun packed cosmopolitan city with plenty of things to see and do.

Star Ferry arriving at the Central Pier

The star ferry is a great, fun way to get around and cheap too. Stay either on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon with give you a chance to experience this amazing city. Read all about it in our guide:

Beaches with a difference:

This week we looked a some amazing beach holidays with a bit of a difference.

The Evason Ana Mandara, Nha Trang Vietnam

Nha Trang in Vietnam is one our our favourite beach resort with a relax atmosphere, amazing people and stunning beaches. There are also some stunning hotels, no more than the 5* Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang, which is a stunning resort, in a beautiful beach and at a bargain price!

Also check out the amazing Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort in Lombok, which is a great hotel, one of my favourites!

Check our all our holidays to the Far East at

In this weeks newsletter we have some great holidays ideas including a pool villa in Phuket, Thailand. A great twin centre holidays to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, or a fantastic tour of India.

Pool Villa at the Dewa Phuket, Thailand

The Dewa Hotel in Phuket Thailand is a beautiful hotel, in a great location in Phuket. It also offers some of the best value pool villas in Thailand, stay 9 nights from only £1199 per person, bargain! 

Check out all our great holidays to these places and many, many others at

Happy travelling

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Great Holiday Offers - Thailand | Safari | India and many more!

Hi All,

Some great offers and holidays ideas for you this week:

I was in Thailand the week before last and spent time in Phuket and Khao Lak and had a great time. Technically it's rainy season there, but in 11 nights we have 3 showers, two of those were in the evening so didn't effect our sunbathing...sorry I mean work!

I stayed at the Kata Thani Hotel in Phuket which was fantastic, on an amazing beach with a choice of swimming pools, bars and restaurants. The hotel is on Kata Noi beach with a couple of shops and restaurants just outside the hotel, and the resort of Kata is only about a 10 minute walk, though it is up hill!

Patong is the main resort in Phuket and well worth a night out, it's made, tons of bars, night markets, restaurants, shops, the place doesn't stop, though I was surprised how lovely the beach was for such a busy area!

Khao Lak  was my next stop, about 3 hour drive away, stunning, absolutely stunning place. Much more low key than Phuket with a good range of shops, bars and restaurants in the main centre. The hotels here a lovely, of a good standard. One of my favourites was the Wanaburee which was a simply charming property with a great tropical feel!

We have some great offers to both Phuket and Khao Lak  on our newsletter this week so go and check them out....a bargain!

Check out all of the great holidays we have at

Happy travelling!

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Friday, 3 June 2011

Long Haul offers - Thailand | Safari | Cuba and more

Hi All,

We've found some of the best loughaul holiday offers around this week, including a superb luxury holiday to Thailand for under £1000, saving a massive £400 per person! We've also got an exciting safari (Karen came back from a safari last week so give her a call if you want to know more) plus a city break in Dubai and a superb Cuba twin centre holiday. For more details about our offers or any of the holidays we feature call us on 020 8989 0970 or e-mail us at

A couple of my favourites this week:

5* THAILAND from £995 pp


Stunning beach at the Sheraton Krabi

Top quality hotels in excellent settings, plus save over £400 per person! The Dusit Thani Bangkok is probably our favourite hotel in the city for its unbeatable location, while the Sheraton Krabi's beachfront setting is perfect for chilling out afterwards.

Departures: 16th June 2011
Nights: 3+5
Prices from: £995 per person!



SAFARI + BEACH from £2385 pp


On safari - an elusive leopard

A safari is like no other holiday and Tanzania offers some of the best wildlife in the world. The 5 night Sopa Serengeti Safari will show you a huge amount, and follow it with the modern Z Hotel, set on a stunning beach close to local restaurants on Zanzibar .

Departure: 14th November 2011
Nights: 5+5
Prices from: £2385 per person



We have a great range of amazing holidays so check out our website for more ideas!

Happy Travelling!

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Egypt is back with some amazing holiday ideas and prices

Hi everyone,

This week we're having a look at Egypt. I was there last week and boy was it hot and the Red Sea just simply stunning. Our newsletter has a look at some amazing offers, check it out:

I visited Hurghada, Makadi Bay, a spot of Nile Cruising and Sharm on my visit and the following were a couple of my favourites.


Relax in Makadi Bay, Egypt

One of the best family resorts on the Red Sea, Makadi Bay is easy to get to, relaxed and offers a good range of quality hotels. Darren checked out a few hotels due to open in the coming months, including the gorgeous Makadi Spa, set to be one of the most stylish properties in Egypt, and the Sunwing Waterworld with its water slides, wave pool and family fun. Current options include rooms large enough to take a family of six - superb for larger families.

Read more details on Makadi Bay:

More holiday details can  be found at:


The beaches of Hurghada, Egypt

Set on the shores of the Red Sea at the closest point to the Nile Valley, Hurghada has developed over the years in to one of our favourite resorts, with a modern feel but still with an Egyptian identity. It's easy to visit the Nile during a beach stay to visit some of the world-renowned temples and monuments (Darren did the journey in under 4 hours) making Hurghada a superb choice for both relaxation and interest. There's also a new wave of restaurants, shops and bars in the resort.

Read more details on Hurghada:

More holiday details can be found at:


Cruising along the Nile in Upper Egypt

I visited the Nile at Luxor to check out some cruise boats. One of the main things about Luxor at the moment is how quiet the main sites are, so if you fancy having the Temple of Karnak or other renowned sites pretty much to yourself, now is the time to go! There are numerous Nile cruise boats available so it's hard to know where to start, but make sure you pick one that includes all the main sightseeing, as costs can build up if this isn't included.
Read more details on Nile Cruise:
More Nile Cruise holidays:
Egypt and the Red Sea is amazing value at the moment and there isn't a better time to visit!  

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Something a bit different...holidays without the beach!

Hi everyone,

Our newsletter this week had something a little different, holidays without a beach! Check out the ideas:

A couple of my favorites are:



Parque Central Hotel, Havana Cuba

Soak up the atmosphere of Havana, one of the world's most mesmerising cities, and stay in one of the best hotels, superbly located where Old and New Havana meet and with some of the best facilities in the City.

Departures: 12 JUNE 2011
Nights: 3
Prices from: £849 pp

Check out more great holidays to Cuba at:

FAR EAST CITIES from £1079


Hong Kong skyline

Combine two of the liveliest cities in the Far East in one trip - explore vibrant Hong Kong and cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur, with amazing food and superb shopping a plenty, saving over £500 per couple too!

Departures: 15 JUNE 2011
Nights: 4 + 4
Prices from: £1079 pp

Check out more great holidays to the Far East at:

I've just come back to Egypt and during my trip I visited Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor. I also visited a number of Nile Cruise all in the name of research, watch this spacous for some stories and pics!

Happy travelling!

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Long Haul Holiday Ideas - Maldives | Borneo | Cuba and more

Firstly Happy Easter everyone! So what you planning to do with all the extra days off? How about planning your holiday. The following are some great ideas to get you started:

A couple of my favourites:



Taj Exotica, Maldives
A real favourite of mine, the Taj Exotica is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Maldives, and our offer includes two free nights and complimentary airport lounges.

I've stayted at the Taj Exotica and it is simply stunning!

Flying from Heathrow on the 19th June, staying 7 nights on a bed and breakfast basis at the 5* Taj Exotica from only £1789 per person.

Download the details

See more great Maldives holidays at:



See the Orang Utans in Borneo
A superb hotel set on a gorgeous beach, complete with it's own Orang Utan sanctuary!

Our special offer includes three free nights, making this unbeatable value.

Flying from Heathrow on the 30th May and staying from 7 nights at the 5* Shangri La Rasa Ria on a room only basis from only £899 per person!
See the deal:
More great holidays to Borneo can be found at :
We have plenty of other great holdiays so give us a call today or visit us at

Happy Travellig and Happy Easter.....enjoy the chocolate!

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Triple Centre holidays - Sri Lanka | Egypt | Cuba and more with Escape Worldwide

Hi everyone,

On our newsletter this week we focused on triple centre holidays, check it out:

Again Escape Worldwide staff have visited the places featured and a couple of my favourites have to be:

SRI LANKA from £1139 pp


Beaches of Sri Lanka

Explore one of our favourite destinations - start in cultural Kandy before continuing to the historical areas around Sigiriya. Finally, hit the beach for some relaxation. Why not include your own Private Car + Driver for only an extra £58 per person!

Check out the details:
More great holidays to Sri Lanka can be found at:

THAILAND from £1145 pp


 Multi centre holidays to Thailand - temples and statues     Multi centre holidays to Thailand - beautiful architecture

A great mix of lively and relaxing - vibrant Bangkok, lively Pattaya and the peaceful beaches of north Phuket, all in one amazing trip. This really is a 'something for everyone' trip, plus there's a half day tour of Phuket included too.

Check out the details:
More great holidays to Thailand can be found at:

We have plenty of other great holiday ideas, and remember, We've Been, We Know, Just Call!

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A photo trip around the Maldives with Escape Worldwide

Here at Escape Worldwide we love the Maldives and have all visited the place a number of times. Check out our photo tour around this stunning destination! We've taken all the photo's, yep it's a hard job!

Check out how you to can visit paradise:

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Favorite Airline?

On a recent flight, Darren got a bit bored and wrote the following blog:

'Sitting on the way to Rio, killing time, I started to look back at the different airlines I had flown with and started to think, what makes a good airline. Is it the seat pitch, the food, the cabin crew, the in-flight entertainment? Personally a bit of all of these!

Take the airline I am flying with at the time of writing this blog, on paper the seat pitch isn't great, only 31”, the food was OK, and the movies Ok, though a little dated and no movie on demand, which I am beginning to realise is a big plus! No the flight is pleasant largely due to the cabin crew. The jolly Scot who seems only to happy to constantly give me drinks and the smiley steward who seems to be happy to be in the job. So in a nutshell, BA seems pretty OK!

So is it just the cabin crew that make for a good flight? Umh, not always, take a Malaysian flight I was on, for example the seat pitch great, movies on demand, food good, cabin crew efficient and friendly so why didn't I enjoy the flight, yep the person next to me who refused to sleep on the night flight and spent the whole 12 hours jumping up and down and generally fidgeting.

So it's either the cabin crew or passengers that can make or break a flights.....well no! Take a Sri Lankan flight I was on. Cabin crew pleasant enough, food OK (notice food is never great on any of them...) and the customers seem ok, but boy how NAF was the in-flight entertainment. After 3 separate pairs of headphones that didn't work, then the screen had to be reset, twice, I was left with a couple of old films to choose from on the long flights.... not good, also the cabin was so hot and they couldn’t seem to do anything about it. But this is no reflection on Sri Lankan, one of the most relaxed enjoyable flights I had was with them a year or so earlier, so was only to pleased to travel with them again!

So I have come to the conclusion that I don't have a preferred airline as there are some many variable factors to take into account you just can't guarantee that just because you had a good flight with that airline before that you will next time..... personally I won't pay extra to fly with a specific one. Besides it's it all part of the travel experience!'

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Monday, 11 April 2011

Close encounters with cheetah whilst on Safari in Kenya

On a safari in Kenya, Mark had a very memorable encounter:
'It’s an early start this morning for a game drive from our home on the Masai Mara, the Mara Serena. After a quick coffee we’re leaving the lodge at 6am, but it’s not long before the excitement starts. Within a few miles of the lodge we’ve already seen a herd of around 30 elephants crossing the plains, and a pack of the somewhat ungainly looking bat-eared foxes, but we’ve just spent the last few minutes watching a cheetah with two cubs, and we’re the only people for miles around!

The cheetah is perched on a small hillock with the cubs, using the raised ground as a vantage point as the sun comes up over the Mara. After a few minutes of us staring at her, and her assessing us, the cheetah comes down from the hillock and heads in our direction. She decides to use our vehicle as a lookout, and jumps on the spare tyre on the back to get a better view of the area, popping her head over the roof of the vehicle – we’re all pinned to our seats in awe, but the driver seems quite relaxed. He tells us that this kind of thing happens some time, although it’s only once the cheetah has gone that he admits it’s never happened to him before!

On the way back to the lodge we stop at the Mara River for a few minutes to watch a herd of hippopotamus making their way upstream. We can’t tell if they’re playing or fighting with each other, but their noises sound distinctly like laughter. Just a few hundred yards away, a pack of lions are relaxing in the morning sun having tucked in to last nights kill. It’s only when we get closer are we able to tell that their kill is a baby hippo – perhaps the pack of hippos weren’t laughing after all.'

 Sounds to can experience memories of a lifetime on a safari in Kenya see our website, for some great safari holiday ideas.

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Hua Hin Pub Crawl

Whenever we visit a destination we always like to explore local places to eat & drink, so when Darren & Mark were in Hua Hin, they turned this in to a ‘pub crawl’ of the town centre!

“Hua Hin is a great place for trying local Thai food, and combined with a good selection of places for a cool beer, it makes an ideal pub crawl location – everything in the town centre is fairly close together, so it’s easy to try various locations without having to walk too far!

We started at the Hilton Hua Hin, one of our favourite hotels in the town as it’s so handy for the beach and the town’s restaurants and bars, yet still maintains a lovely atmosphere. The bar at the front of the hotel is a great place for a spot of people-watching, and we started the day with a Tiger beer – they also have a range of Thai beers, but Tiger seemed like a good starting point!

From here we headed along to where the fishing boats drop their catch off, which to be honest didn’t smell particularly pleasant, but we spotted a pub nearby serving seafood, so headed for it – even if it was a traditional English pub! Not quite what we had in mind for our traditional Thai pub crawl, but the deep fried squid was superb.

Next stop was a cafĂ© bar that we first visited about 10 years ago, and it hasn’t changed at all – Monsoon’s is close to the beach and serves fantastic cakes, but we were getting back in to the Thai way of doing things, so we had two Singha beers and a plate of fantastic spring rolls. It was a good job we’d headed indoors at the heavens soon opened, but there’s something typically tropical about drinking beer as the rain pours down – quite fantastic!

Then we were back to the seafront, to one of the wonderfully rustic restaurants that’s built on the piers over the beach – Thai fishcakes and my favourite, deep-fried prawn balls, washed down with a large bottle of Beer Lao – again, not Thai, but one of the best beers in the Far East (although we don’t normally need an excuse to drink any beers in the Far East!)

We then walked along the beach, past the Hilton Hua Hin and the Sofitel Centara Grand, to one of the small beach shacks that serves simple Thai food with cold drinks – two plates of Phad Thai and two Beer Chang and we happily relaxed on the beach and watched the world go by for a while.

Last stop on our pub crawl of Hua Hin was at the night market, which is one of the more Thai night markets you’re likely to come across – all the visitors seemed to be Thai tourists from Bangkok, and the food here matched the authenticity of the venue. Our final snack was from one of the stalls on the market and was of Satay, which they do particularly well in Thailand despite it being more of a Malay dish, but when it’s washed down with another Singha beer, you can’t go wrong!”

For holidays to Hua Hin visit

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Thursday, 31 March 2011

China Tours - Amazing tours at great prices!

Hi All,

This week we are focusing on China, with some amazing escorted touring options to the fascinating country. Check out the ideas:

A couple of my favorites are:

MAJESTIC YANGTZE  - 12 night tour 

Combine the key highlights of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai with a 4-night cruise on the mighty Yangtze River, plus the Panda reserve at Chengdu.

CHINA EXPERIENCE  - 8 night tour

Visit the key highlights of China - Beijing, Xian and Shanghai - taking in the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and Shanghai's famous Bund.

Dowload the details:

GLORIES OF CHINA - 12 night tour

Combine the key highlights of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai with Guilin and the Li River, staying amongst rice fields and stunning scenery at Yangshuo.

Download the details:

Check out our full range at:

If China isn't your thing then check our for tons of other holiday ideas!
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Long Haul offers - Kenya Safari | Grenada | Egypt | Maldives and more

Hi all,

This week we have some FAB special offers and holiday ideas, check em out:

For starters we have a great offer to the 4*+ Calabash Hotel in Grenada, have a look at the details:

the beach at the Calabash Hotel, Grenada
7 nts B&B at the 4*+ Calabash Hotel - from £1375 per person

Or how about Christmas in Kenya, 5nts Safari followed by 5nts in Mombasa from only £2189 per person,

Lion at a watering hole
See the details:

How about a bargain to Egypt - 7nts Nile Cruise followed by 7nts relaxing on the Red Sea from only £899 per person and that on an All Inclusive basis as well!

Temple of Philae, Egypt
More details at

Finally, Maldives, only £912 per person staying at the 5* Kurumba in the Maldives, amazing value! 

Chill out in the Maldives

We have plenty of amazing holidays at Escape Worldwide so check out our website:

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Escape Worldwide awarded agent of the month

Escape Worldwide was awarded Agent of the Month by one of our key suppliers, Travel2.

Here's Darren receiving our certificate and bottle of champagne!

Well done to all the team at Escape Worldwide!


Sunday, 20 March 2011

See our new Escort Touring Website


Introducing - new from Escape Worldwide!

Our newest website brings you the best escorted tours around the world, from the Americas to the Far East, with everything from historic and cultural tours to wildlife safaris. All itineraries are accompanied by a guide - some meet you in the UK - and most are flexible enough to include a beach stay or other areas afterwards.

Here's a few of our favourites . . .

Grand Indochina Tour

Escorted touring holidays to Indochina

Accompanied from the UK, this tour combines the best of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, a truly fascinating part of the world.

15 nights from £3445 per person




Ceylon Tour (Sri lanka)

Escorted touring holidays to Sri Lanka

Our most popular tour of Sri Lanka takes in Kandy, the historical north and the beautiful south, with flexible beach options.

14 nights from £1199 per person




Cheetah Safari

Escorted touring holidays to Kenya and Tanzania - Cheetah on the Masai Mara, Kenya
A superb 7-night safari combining some of Kenya's most renowned parks and maximising wildlife viewing opportunities.

7 nights from £1489 per person



There are plenty of more amazing tours so go to today.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some great new holiday ideas and offers!

Hi All,

Check out some great holiday ideas and offers we have this week:

Probably one of the best value options this week is to the Red Sea in Egypt with some amazing kids price....only £399 per child, even in school holidays! Have a look if you don't believe me -

We've got plenty of other offers so why note check out the newsletter....or go to for more great family holiday ideas!

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thomas Cook Add Fuel Charges

Hi All,

Bit of travel news for you:

Thomas Cook are imposing an additional fuel charge, upto £40 per person for long-haul flights.

Not all airlines are so check before you book with anyone as some may just try to add on £40 as this is in the news!

Happy travelling


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Kenya Safari | Oman | Thailand and more great holiday ideas from Escape Worldwide

Hi fellow travellers,

This week we have some great holiday offers:

Longhaul Holiday Offers

This week explore South Africa by fly-drive, go cheetah-spotting on the Masai Mara, party and chill in Thailand or be pampered in Oman - superb holidays across the Globe, all at excellent prices and fully ATOL-protected. Call us on 020 8989 0970 or e-mail us at for more details today.


KENYA SAFARI from £1575


A one-off special offer saving £150 per couple on the superb 7-night 5* Cheetah Safari, departing 29 April, complete with free Hippo Pool breakfast on the Masai Mara. Combine it with the beaches of Mombasa or Zanzibar, or just do the safari itself.

CHEETAH SAFARI  - 7 -  FB -  £1575 pp

+ INDIAN OC RES MOMBASA 7+7  - HB -  £1845 pp

+ ROYAL ZANZIBAR RESORT 7+7 -  AI -  £2075 pp

See more details at:

SOUTH AFRICA from £1349


A superb fly-drive itinerary along the spectacular Garden Route, taking in Port Elizabeth, Hermanus, the Winelands and Cape Town too, in 12 nights. With good roads that are easy to navigate plus driving on the left, South Africa is an excellent option for a fly-drive. See whales, dolphins and penguins, climb Table Mountain, try the wines of Stellenbosch and explore exciting Cape Town - a classic fly-drive itinerary.


FLY-DRIVE 12 £1349 pp

See more details at:




Combine Phuket's lively beach resort of Patong with a more relaxed stay at laid-back Khao Lak, 90 minutes to the north. Stay centrally at the 4* Centara Sawaddi before moving on to the relaxed 4* Kantary Beach Hotel - the perfect contrast.

£969 pp
See more details:


MUSCAT, OMAN from £825


The Chedi Muscat is one of the Middle East's most stylish, elegant properties, in one of the regions most fascinating countries. Set on its own beach, the Hotel offers a superb spa, two beautiful pools and great dining options, and we'll include a free UK airport lounge.

4nts - £825 pp
7nts - £1125 pp

See more details at:


See more great holidays at

Happy travelling


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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Great special offer from Escape Worldwide

Hi fellow travellers,

Escape Worldwide has some great special offers this week:



Spend a week in Sri Lanka and a week in the Maldives, combining the culture, scenery and charm of Sri Lanka with the idyllic relaxation of the Maldives - a perfect combination. Fully flexible, with lots of hotels to choose from.

Sri Lanka - KANI LANKA  - 7nt  
Maldives - MEERU ISLAND - 7nts
£1599 pp




The Anantara Hua Hin is a beautifully designed hotel with classic Thai style, located a short distance from the centre of Hua Hin, which is one of the more Thai of resorts. Explore the night market, try seafood delicacies or just chill on the beach.

7nts - £619 pp
14nts - £799 pp




Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore make a superb combination, giving everything from temples and volcanoes to skyscrapers and shopping. We'll even include a free ride on the Singapore Flyer for bookings in February!

£1479 pp


ZANZIBAR from £1129


The magical island of Zanzibar is a great place to chill out this Easter, and the Bluebay Beach Resort makes an ideal place to stay. The hotel offers plenty of character, good service and spacious rooms (our offer features upgraded Superior rooms), all set on a fantastic stretch of beach, on the Island's north east coast.

7nts -  £1129 pp
14nts - £1469 pp


Check out all of our great holidays at:

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Escape Worldwide - Travel Calendar for July to September

Hi all,

This weeks travel calendar looks at some great holiday ideas for July to September (

JULY - Great Weather in Bali

When much of the Far East is in its rainy season, Bali bucks the trend and is far drier, making it a great time to visit. Spend your time on the beach or include a night or two inland at Ubud, taking in some of the Island's amazing scenery and fascinating culture. Holidays are for 10 nights - it's also possible to include a city stopover on the way to Bali, with Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur all possible!

Hotel Ideal For Rating Board Prices from

BUMAS -  Family-run friendliness - 3* BB £989 pp

MERCURE - Handy for local dining  - 4* BB £1079 pp

MELIA BALI - Stylish and spacious - 4+* RO £1195 pp


AUGUST - Red Sea Family - up to 4 kids

The 5* Makadi Palace Family Star is a great option for larger families, as rooms here take up to two adults and 4 kids, and with kids at £399 each, it's a bargain! Family Suites are very spacious with a master bedroom for Mum & Dad, while facilities include five restaurants, four bars, swimming pools, kids club & playground. With access to a great beach and low All Inclusive prices, it's hard to beat during the school holidays!

Check out these amazing prices:

MAKADI PALACE FAMILY STAR -  ALL INC -  7nts  £985 per adult,  £399 per child

SEPTEMBER - The Great Migration in Kenya

September is one of the best times to be on safari in Kenya, when wildlife on the Masai Mara is at its prime. Each year, millions of wildebeest, zebra and other grazers join the resident population of big cats, elephant and other game to form perhaps the greatest concentration of wildlife on the planet. It's worth booking well in advance, though, as space is restricted. Follow with a beach break in Kenya, Zanzibar or elsewhere.

Safari Ideal For Rating Nights Prices from

KILI SAFARI - Stunning views  - 4* /  5nts - £1629 pp

SAMBURU SAFARI  - Great mix of parks - 4* /  7nts -  £1995 pp



See the full range of holidays that Escape Worldwide has to offer at

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