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Mark looks back to his favourite trip of 2013

"My favourite trip of last year was definitely a fly-drive I did in Namibia - what an incredible country! In the course of 10 days I covered 1800 miles, climbed the world's biggest sand dunes, drove around one of Africa's best national parks, drunk German-style lager on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and watched the sun set over the Kalahari Desert. My highlights were Etosha National Park , where you can drive yourself and get extremely close to lion, rhino, elephant and a host of other game; and the dunes at Sossusvlei, which is probably the single most spectacular place I've ever been to! This was my first trip to Namibia and it's somewhere I'd recommend to anyone with a sense of adventure - if you love spectacular scenery and incredible wildlife then it's for you, but if you're more of a nightlife and cities person then perhaps not. The one thing that really strikes you as you drive around Namibia is just how varied the countryside is - every few