Thursday, 28 March 2013

We need your help... which is the best travel photo?

Please help us settle an office argument - whose is the best photo?

Ever since we had some of our favourite photos enlarged to put on the wall of our Travel Lounge, there's been an ongoing argument in the office as to who's photo is best. Have a look at our favourite photos and let us know what you think:

Karen at the Taj Mahal in India

"This is the best photo because of its composition and artistry - plus because I took it! Getting the reflection right in the pool was tricky, but it worked a treat when a group of colorfully dressed local ladies walked in to shot, rather than the group of backpackers who'd just moved on! I love this photo so much I've had it enlarged and is now on the wall at home!!

Mark on the Masai Mara in Kenya 

"This photo is more about the experience than the photo itself, although getting a shot when the cheetah was bearing her teeth while the cubs were looking in the right direction helps! Just after I took the photo the mum came along to our vehicle to use us as a lookout post - clearly the roof of our vehicle was a better vantage point than the hillock she's standing on in the photo!"

Darren flying over Victoria Falls in Zambia

"Taking a photo of the vast Victoria Falls from a helicopter is no mean feat, so this is my entry - capturing the spray from the Falls along with the crashing water is quite difficult as the spray can get so much you can barely see the waterfall itself! I also took some photos when I was standing on top of the Falls, on the far bank on the right hand side in this photo, but it was so scary they didn't do it justice!"

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bangkok in Thailand

Darren talks about one of his fav places.... Bangkok..Thailand

Thailand is probably my favourite country of all those I've visited, and it's one I've been to the most - I went twice this year alone, taking in the beach resorts of Phuket and Koh Samui, plus spending a few days on Bangkok, one of my favourite cities anywhere!

This time I stayed at the Rembrandt Hotel, which is really well located for zipping around Bangkok on the skytrain, the monorail network that keeps moving when the City's terrible traffic grinds to a halt. The best thing I find is to get a day pass for the skytrain that costs 100 Baht (about £2) which lets you travel all day - it's easier than getting a ticket each trip! The Rembrandt Hotel has a superb Indian restaurant on the top floor, and dining here comes with a spectacular view across Bangkok - the food's pretty good too!

Darren at Wat Po - the reclining Buddha

On this trip I did a bit of sightseeing in Bangkok and went back to the Grand Palace and Wat Po - these are two of Bangkok's most famous sights and I hadn't been to either for years! Wat Po is also known at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and houses a 43-metre long gold-covered Buddha statue - along one wall of the temple is a row of over 100 bowls, and visitors are encouraged to drop small coins in to each bowl to bring them good luck (here's hoping!)

On this trip I also went to see a hotel that I hadn't been to before, the Centara Grand at CentralWorld, and popped in to the nearby Pratunam Market - Bangkok has dozens of markets and loads of shopping centres (a few new ones open each time I visit!) but Pratunam Market has been there for ages. It's not as glitzy as some of the newer options, but it's a superb place for bargains, especially clothes. Next time I go to Bangkok I'll have to buy a bigger suitcase!

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