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Escape Worldwide's Top 5 for Romance!

TOP 5 ROMANCE Add a little romance to your life with our top 5 romantic destinations. LIGHT A SKY LANTERN ON THE BEACH IN THAILAND Traditional sky lanterns are launched across Thailand for celebrations and to bring good luck, and there’s no better way to mark a special occasion than to launch your own lantern in to the night sky. Made out of rice paper and a bamboo frame, the lanterns can drift for miles in a breeze before gently returning to the ground once the candle has gone out. The most popular time to launch a sky lantern is during the Loi Krathong festival in November, but lanterns are available in most beach resorts year-round – our suggestion would be to head for Krabi , and watch your lantern rise above a backdrop of island and outcrops of Phang Nga Bay. HOT AIR BALLOON OVER THE MASAI MARA, KENYA A safari is a special travel experience, and a balloon ride over the plains of Africa is truly something else – a real ‘once in a lifetime’ experience when the roma