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Death Valley National Park, USA

Classic USA road-trip country, Death Valley National Park is harsh and barren yet full of natural beauty and stunning vistas, with the lowest point in the US along with the highest temperatures ever recorded. Furnace Creek is at the heart of the park, with points such as Zabriskie Point and Mosaic Canyon offering spectacular scenery. As you head north from Death Valley the altitude increases and the temperatures drop, heading towards the massive Sierra Nevada mountains. To the south, the Mojave National Preserve is the epitome of ‘middle of nowhere’, dotted with Joshua trees, volcanic cones and desert wildlife. This region of the USA offers diverse landscapes and stunning scenery - beware of seriously high temperatures in the summer, but for a few days of open spaces and desert scenery, include Death Valley in to your driving itinerary. Escape Worldwide - Home of Long Haul Holidays

Darrens trip around Taiwan - a FAB holiday destination

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