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Dusk at Ayres Rock, Australia

Darren was relives dusk at Ayers Rock: We leave the hotel, the Outback Pioneer which is pleasant enough with a huge outside BBQ and head off, by coach into the national park. Somehow I had in my head that you could see Ayers Rock from everywhere, miles around but surprisingly no, you have to go a fair way into the park before you come across it. You can't help but be in awe when you first see it shooting out of the ground in it's flat surroundings. The immediate reaction is to take a hundred and one pictures, all of which I’m sure would look the same, but never the less you are at Ayers Rock! Darren at Ayres Rock The sun would be setting in about an hour so we've still had time to make our way to the main viewing area, not before knocking back the well received glass of red wine. Once at the main viewing area the view of Ayers is amazing and with the sunny slowly beginning to set behind me I felt sure that Ayers Rock will live upto my dreams! It'