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Can I hire a car in Cuba?

Yes, hiring a car in Cuba is an excellent way of seeing the more remote parts of Cuba. Though don’t expect the big plays like Dollar Rent A Car or Hertz. Car hire companies tend to be local Cuban companies so expect some paperwork! Pre-booking before arriving in Cuba is pretty much a must with most companies in the UK only booking the car hire as part of a complete holiday package. A few points worth remembering when hiring a car... Roads are pretty good in most of the country, but as the East is less developed some of the roads in this area can be a bit bumpy. It is more likely you’ll get stuck behind a donkey rather than another car, so progress can be slow occasionally! I found the traffic in Havana reasonably busy but once you’ve made it to the main ring road out of the city things came down a bit! Petrol stations aren’t as common as in the UK, so fill up when you see one! Cars in Cuba tend to be modern and various sizes and types available ranging from small compacts to peo

Where is the best place to see Orang-utans?

Having just returned from an amazing time in Borneo , I found that that there were so many individual experiences you could choose from. But one particular question that is often asked by potential visitors is where is the best place to see Orang-utans ? I actually got to see the Orang-utans twice whilst in Borneo. The first being in the more commonly known Sepilok. The Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre was a moving experience. After chatting to some of the Rangers within the centre, I was warned not to be disappointed if I didn’t see any as this would actually be a good thing. The Orang-utans are trained in order to return back into the Jungle, but are still fed by the Rangers if they are not quite ready to fend for themselves. This process can take years. So waiting on the viewing platform, I was standing wondering would I actually see an Orang-utan in the flesh... and as feeding time came, they appeared. I had mixed reactions at this point - Firstly, it was amazing to be s