Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hiroshima.... a must visit on any trip to Japan.

Japan is a simply amazing destination and a visit to Hiroshima is a must.

For most people the city of Hiroshima is synonymous with one thing - the dropping of the world’s first atomic bomb, however today Hiroshima is a modern, friendly city, with the Peace Memorial Park being a constant reminder of what happened here.
A highlight in the area is nearby Miyajima which is one of Japan’s primary sites with it’s beautiful shrine gate seeming to float on the water. It a short train ride and boat trip and a must go see. 

What to do in Hiroshima
In central Hiroshima there is the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park and the sites close by are the main draw here - allow yourself a time to take in this area of the city, as its very moving. There is also an excellent museum and the eerie Atomic Bomb Dome close by. The island of Miyajima with the Itsukushima Jinja Temple and its iconic ‘floating’ torii gate is one of our top sights in Western Honshu, and a half day trip from the city is straightforward and very worthwhile - the main areas of the island can be explored on foot easily, or allow a full day if you want to go hiking.

Where to stay in Hiroshima
Central Hiroshima is fairly compact so hotel location isn’t too important - although being close easy to use tram network is handy. There’s a good range of hotel options available in the city, with the area around Nagarekawa-Dori being ideal for restaurants and bars too. It’s also possible to stay on Miyajima Island, although options are limited and prices are high, but well worth it if you want to stay in a magical part of Japan

Holiday ideas to Hiroshima
A day or two will allow you time to take in Hiroshima’s key sites and atmosphere, along with nearby Miyajima. This area of Japan has easy rail connections to Osaka, Kyoto and other areas of Japan making Hiroshima and Miyajima easy to include in to any rail itinerary of the country - have a look at our suggestions http://www.escapeworldwide.co.uk/far_east/japan_holidays.html for some excellent ideas

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