Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Karen's Leopard on Safari in Kenya

We love Kenya here at Escape Worldwide and Karen is a massive fan:

'I was lucky enough, again, to spend two nights on safari on the amazing Masai Mara in Kenya recently and every game drive you go on is a different experience, you always see something new, as even if it’s the same animal they are doing something different.

Leopard on Safari in Kenya

This time we saw a leopard, one of the cats I have never seen so I was very excited! Usually people see them up a tree keeping out of the way, but this one was just wandering in an out of the trees and it was amazing. It wasn’t bothered by us sitting in the safari vehicle watching him – in fact, he was showing off a bit and quite enjoying himself! I had to remember to stop taking photos and just sit back and watch the show – quite difficult to be honest!

Leopard on Safari with Escape Worldwide

Although we saw elephants, cheetah, giraffe and all sorts of other things, this was definitely the highlight of the trip, and for some of my fellow passengers with me it was their first time on safari so they were incredibly lucky.  I was staying at the Ashnil Mara Camp which is extremely well located on the Masai Mara and has a fire pit which we all sat round after dinner with a glass of beer or two - a great place to discuss the day’s game drives!

Ashnil Mara Camp with Escape Worldwide

Safaris really are one of the best experiences I have had, watching these amazing creatures in their own environment, doing all they can to survive and look after their children at the same time, is awesome.
I simply love Kenya and a safari here is a truly magical and memorable experience.'

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